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Mold / Fungal
As part of our Industrial Hygiene Services, Converse provides a range of mold assessment and mold remediation services including initial assessments with identification of mold contaminated building materials, building moisture assessments including building envelope assessments and infrared moisture mapping to pinpoint specific areas of moisture penetration, mold remediation specifications, and final air clearance testing after remediation using microfungal Spore Trap cassettes. Converse generally follows the fungal assessment guidelines specified in the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) titled Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control and the standard practices of the ASTM Readily Observable Mold and Conditions Conducive to Mold in Commercial Buildings: Baseline Survey Process (Standard E2418 - 06). Converse provides services for mold/fungal issues at properties ranging from small residential and commercial properties to large scale industrial and military instillations.

Legionella was first isolated as the cause of a deadly infectious pneumonia forty years ago. Since then, Legionnaires’ disease continues to be a significant public health concern and is considered a major human pathogen. Legionella has general industry accepted management, assessment, and control protocols should an outbreak occur; however, there is currently no national standard for proactive sampling. ASTM method (D5952) was developed in 2015 for sampling in response to a Legionella outbreak. Converse’s CIH is working on an ASTM subcommittee (D22.08 - Work Item 63003). This is a working group that is developing a new standard for proactive sampling standard that will replace the D5952 response standard.

Mold and Legionella Mold and Legionella

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