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Philip Childers

Philip Childers, Senior Environmental Manager


Mr. Childers has been working in environmental consulting since 2003. He is a Certified Environmental Manager (CEM), California Asbestos Consultant (CAC), Nevada licensed asbestos consultant, a California Certified Lead Based Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor and Lead Based Paint Risk Assessor (EPA Administered States). He has successfully completed large asbestos abatement projects in New York, Oklahoma, Texas, California and Nevada. Some highlights include conducting a 4,000+ sample asbestos survey, abatement oversight and final clearance of the 557-megawatt, coal fired, Reid Gardner Power Generating Plant in Moapa Nevada and providing a turn-key asbestos abatement project of an industrial flight kitchen for the New York Port Authority at JFK International Airport. He has completed multiple hazardous building materials surveys, Lead Based Paint evaluations, Indoor Air Quality investigations and industrial exposure assessments to both private and government sector clients. Mr. Childers also specializes in Brownfield Consulting and has been involved in securing multiple awards in Northern Nevada as Prime Environmental Contractor for EPA Brownfield Coalition Assessment grants. Mr. Childers enjoys the opportunity to be involved in the economic development of rural communities and being part of the team that is providing these opportunities under the EPA Brownfield program.

Connor Welsh

Connor Welsh, Environmental Project Manager


Mr. Welsh has been an environmental consultant since 2013. Mr. Welsh started his environmental work on the East Coast prior to relocating to the Western Region to expand his skills and career. Mr. Welsh has focused largely on environmental investigation, remediation, and permitting projects, many of which began as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Mr. Welsh has successfully completed many large-scale projects for some of the nation’s top firms including one of North America’s largest private utility providers, Fortune 500 hospital management companies, and the one of the world’s largest pork producers. Mr. Welsh has completed various environmental projects, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in thirty-five (35) plus different states. Mr. Welsh has acted as the client and project manager for a variety of environmental projects including soil gas sampling (sub-slab, passive, active, etc.), soil and groundwater investigation and remediation, environmental permitting projects, Brownfield grants, etc. Mr. Welsh has gained valuable experience in his 7+ year career from around the United States and has always prided himself on keeping up to date with new environmental regulations, technologies, the relationship between the two, and how to implement them in the environmental consulting industry.

Frank Reynolds

Frank Reynolds III, Project Manager


Mr. Reynolds has been in the environmental field since 2005 and is responsible for providing proposals, conducting hazardous materials evaluations, providing abatement oversight and performing final clearance activities for residential, commercial and medical facilities. He has worked on Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Phase II ESA projects on a variety of properties. These properties have included undeveloped land, agricultural land, commercial properties and industrial facilities throughout Nevada and California. Mr. Reynolds completes Environmental Database/Historical Records Review reports to include the review and interpretation of environmental records and historical data, completion of providing limited conclusions and recommendations, and report writing. Mr. Reynolds has also assisted with soil and groundwater sampling. In addition, Mr. Reynolds has supervised various hazardous waste remediation projects as well as performed asbestos surveys and asbestos abatement monitoring services.

Tom Mix

Tom Mix, Nation Brownfields Director


Mr. Mix is the National Brownfields Program Director for Converse Consultants. He provides overall project management and direction and serves as technical liaison for work conducted on behalf of communities that have received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Site Assessment or Cleanup grant. Mr. Mix prepares applications on behalf of communities seeking EPA Brownfields funding to support ongoing and future redevelopment activities and provides marketing and outreach to communities and giving technical Brownfields presentations to interested or participating agencies in the Brownfields reuse and redevelopment. Prior to joining Converse, Mr. Mix provided 29 years of Federal Government service working for the United State Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Mix acted as Superfund Remediation Manager, work in the Chief Site Evaluation Section, and later served as Senior Brownfields Coordinator for EPA Region 9 (San Francisco). Mr. Mix brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Converse team.

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