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Geotechnical Engineering | Subsurface Investigation

Adequate and appropriate subsurface investigations are important in the success of a project. Most projects require a subsurface investigation to identify the geological features and hazards of the site and to determine the engineering properties of the earth materials.

A subsurface investigation consists of observation, in-situ testing, and sampling of the subsurface earth materials. Geotechnical engineers and geologists select exploration techniques based on the nature of the site geology and the planned construction.

Many geotechnical and geologic explorations employ hollow-stem auger, sonic, bucket auger, cone penetrometer, or other investigation techniques. Small test pits or larger trenches may be excavated with a backhoe as well as bucket auger borings to allow the field engineer/geologist to directly observe the undisturbed geologic features. Seismic refraction, a geophysical technique, can evaluate the depth and hardness of bedrock concealed below soils.

Geotechnical Engineering Subsurface Investigation

Converse team have conducted subsurface investigation for various types of structures (above and below ground) in varying conditions. We have recommended and worked with various equipment appropriate for the subsurface condition.

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