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Geotechnical Engineering | Pipelines

Pipelines are used to convey water, sewer and other fluids and gases from one location to another. Depending on the length it might traverse through varying subsurface conditions, such as shallow bedrock, groundwater, etc. In an urban environment it may have to cross existing above or below ground structures. Installation of pipes in most cases requires bore and jack, horizontal drilling or micro-tunneling. So, the design and construction of underground pipelines are affected by their surrounding subsurface conditions.

Converse team has extensive experience conducting geotechnical investigation for pipeline under varying subsurface conditions. Besides providing the regular geotechnical parameters for pipe design, we address issues such as liquefaction, excavatability, settlement potential, impact on existing structures during installation of pipes using bore and jack or other methods.

Proper selection and placement of the materials around the pipe is essential. Geotechnical recommendations are required for the material placed in the pipe bedding, pipe zone, trench backfill, and the techniques used to place and compact each material.

When appropriate we have prepared Baseline Reports which the contractors can use to prepare a bid based on known subsurface conditions. This helps to reduce the possibility of change orders.

Geotechnical Engineering Pipelines

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