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Converse has provided consulting and engineering services throughout the Northeast region of the United States for over three decades. We provide professional services in the fields of environmental sciences, groundwater sciences and geotechnical engineering.

Converse provides professional services on high profile projects throughout the Northeast and services many of the region’s leading companies, government organizations, universities, hospitals, property management, investment, natural resource, and energy sectors. With a team of experienced engineers, geologists, scientists, and industrial hygienists, Converse is a valuable partner to your business.

We are proud to serve clients in the Northeast Region in areas such as: Baltimore, Frederick, Rockville, Bowie City, Annapolis, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Ann Arundel County, Howard County, Hartford County, Carroll County, and more!


Orion B. Cook, P.E., Senior Engineer
(814) 234-3223

Services: Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology, Soil Investigations, Fault Studies, Landslide Evaluations, Liquefaction Evaluations, Structural Design, Pre-Construction/Post-Construction, Material Testing/Laboratory Services, Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, Groundwater Testing, Remediation, Underground Storage Tank (UST) Services, Industrial Hygiene/Indoor Air Quality, Asbestos/Lead Paint and Fungal Services, Legionella, Indoor Air Testing, Brownfield Services, Landfills/Solid Waste Services, Regulatory Compliance, Occupational Health and Safety, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and more.

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