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Most project sites are graded before construction of the improvements. The grading may transform the layout of the site, or it may return the site to something close to its original appearance. In either case, Converse’s engineers/geologists provide recommendations for site grading that will provide a stable surface with enough strength and stability to support proposed improvements.

The natural soil found at the surface of many sites is too soft or too loose to support buildings or other improvements. Remedial grading may be recommended to remove several inches to many feet of unsuitable earth materials. In many cases, the removed soil may be re-used as compacted fill. Occasionally, site conditions prevent the recommended remedial grading, so specialized ground improvement techniques, such as vibro-compaction, stone columns, or surcharging, are utilized.

Compacted fill is soil that has been moistened and compacted to a specified density. This process reduces the potential for the fill soil to settle or erode. Engineers provide specifications for how much compacted fill should be placed under buildings or other improvements and how the fill should be compacted.

Slopes may be constructed of compacted fill or cut into existing natural earth materials. Both fill slopes and cut slopes must be stable and resistant to erosion. Converse’s engineers and geologists evaluate slopes in design and in the field and provide recommendations to improve stability where needed.

Geotechnical Engineering Earthwork

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