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The grading of a project site will involve the removal of several inches to several feet of the site soils, debris, hazardous materials and oversize particles and replacement with engineered fill that meets the requirements of the approved plans, specifications and geotechnical report. This fill must be compacted to the specified density to provide uniform support for the recommended foundation and other improvements.

Converse's soil technicians are trained, certified, and experienced to observe the grading operations for conformity with the soils report and to conduct density tests to verify that the specified compaction has been achieved. Density tests are taken using a Sand Cone (ASTM D1556) or a Nuclear Gauge (ASTM D6938). If an unforeseen condition arises on-site our technicians have instant access to the project manager and any other professional staff necessary to answer questions, solve problems, present additional recommendations and mitigations and help keep the project on-schedule.

Each technician documents the day’s activities in a field report which is given to the client representative, our project manager and others as required. Our field technicians are provided with tablets/IPAD to electronically write field daily reports, documents test results, take photos of project issues to discuss with the project manager in the office and submit all project related information to the relevant parties.

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