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The construction of any project requires adherence to the plans, specifications and other contract documents. The observation and testing of soils and materials is an important part of the Quality Assurance. Converse Consultants provides these services for both owners and contractors across the entire spectrum of construction projects.

Our time-tested methodology enables effective management of construction services. This includes assigning an experienced Engineer or Geologist to manage our scope of work. The Project Manager is responsible for assigning the proper staff to the project, technical oversight of the field activities on a daily basis, preparation of reports and budget control.

The Field Service Coordinator is the single point of contact for request for our services. This greatly reduces miscommunication and ensures that the proper staff is on-site, ready to go, on time. The Project Manager and Field Services Coordinator meet with our technicians and inspectors on an ongoing basis to keep track of the progress of each project, forecast manpower requirements and discuss any issues that come up on-site.


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